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Logan stayed away from the school for about a year. He called to check on her every week, but every time he called, he had to get a secondhand account of how she was doing from Storm, the professor or Marie. They made up excuses as to why she wouldn’t come to the phone. She was sleeping, in class, eating, out with friends…always an excuse.

Finally, eight months in, Marie stopped bothering with excuses and gave it to him straight. She sighed into the phone sadly, “Sorry, sugah…she doesn’t wanna talk to ya…”

"Yeah. I know", he said sadly. "Just an idiot hopin’ that might change one of these days."

Marie felt awful for him, “Why don’t you just come back?”

"I will…in a while. I don’t wanna get in the way of her growin’ up."

"I understand. Talk to ya soon."

Three months later, Logan pulled the bike back into the garage and put the kickstand down before slowly venturing into the mansion. Truth be told…he was nervous about seeing her. He’d left for her own good, but somehow, he was sure that, like a normal teenaged girl, she’d refuse to see it that way…and that was exactly why he left. She needed to grow up.

Logan knew one year wasn’t enough, but he couldn’t stay away, and Magneto and the Brotherhood had been pretty active, so Charles needed all hands on deck.

He walked into the mansion’s cafeteria and looked around, hoping to spot her.